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See the Time around the World
Kybtec World Clock

World Time on your Computer

See the time all over the world on this powerfull desktop world clock - see the time for almost any area of the world.

Direct - Highly Customizable

See as many locations as you want simultanously

More then 400 locations. You can customize the clock to show your prefered locations.

Not waiting on an internet-Site

Many Features - Many Tools

You get a top designed Graphic World Clock and a very flexible List World Clock. In both clocks you can see as many locations as you want. Further tools are a Time Converter to calculate time from one locations to many other locations in one step.

You can choose between many designs, colors, fonts.

Top - Speaking Reminder. For example the clock says: New York, it's five past ten, call Mr. Smith.  You can enter any text you want. *

The clock can be scaled from very small to full screen.  

See all the Features

Don't decide anything before you have seen this highly attractive world clock!

You have never seen such a world clock before!

It's easy

 Only 900KB

A user wrote:

I have downloaded many time clocks and yours is the best by a long way.

Clive Goodall


Some Screen Shots



Only 900 KB 

* Speaking reminder only on windows xp or higher






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